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The second innovator edition of Samsung’s Gear VR was released in March 2015. This edition is almost identical to the first apart from a few minor changes. The first major change is that this device will support the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge and the second is that a small fan was added inside to prevent the lens fogging. The slightly smaller displays used in these devices, compared to the Note 4, give this version a slightly improved visual quality but slightly smaller field of view. Consumer Edition

What is Gear VR?

Samsung Gear VR is a mobile virtual reality device developed by Samsung Electronics in collaboration with Oculus VR. A compatible Samsung Galaxy device (Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6/S6 Edge), sold separately, acts as the headset's display and processor, while the Gear VR unit itself contains the high field of view lenses as well as a custom IMU for rotational tracking which connects to the smartphone via micro-USB. This IMU is more accurate and well calibrated with lower latency than internal smartphone IMUs such as used for Google Cardboard.

Enabling WebVR

At time of writing, to view the scenes in VR:
The Gear VR headset also includes a touchpad and back button on the side, as well as a proximity sensor to detect when the headset is on.[1] The touchpad and button allow for a standard minimum input capability for users to interact with the virtual environments, whereas Google Cardboard devices only feature a button.

"Piece of Cake"

Consumer Edition:- This edition is simply referred to as the Samsung Gear VR. It was released on 20 November 2015. Pre-orders for the device went live on Amazon, Bestbuy and Samsung on 10 November 2015 and the device was sold out on the day of release. This edition has again a few minor changes compared to the previous iterations. First of all this edition supports four Samsung Galaxy devices so far, the Note 5, the S6, the S6 edge and the S6 edge+. It is also 19% lighter than the previous Innovator Edition, it has improved ergonomics and a redesigned touchpad for easier navigation
Some of the major goals Samsung set for this project regarding hardware was that their headset could support MTP (Motion to Photon) latency less than 20 ms the optimization of hardware and kernel and also to create Galaxy Note 4’s QHD display that enables high-resolution rendering in the headset. The volume buttons and back buttons on the headset help to navigate through the gear without taking it off.The lenses range is 96 degrees..

"Let's Rock" Difficulty

Oculus Home is the main facility to download and used content on the Samsung Gear VR. Oculus Home is also the main line for software distribution on the Gear VR.
With the VR headset there is a number of games and applications currently available. Notable games include Herobound: First Steps, Ikarus, Dreadhalls, Esper and Proton Pulse. Other uses of the Gear VR currently include viewing of 360° images, from the 360° view by Getty Images app. This allowed the viewing of spherical content from Getty’s archives and features stills from the World Cup and Cannes Film Festival amongst many more.

"Come Get Some" Difficulty - Primitives

Are pre-fabricated custom elements like or that combine recipes of components to achieve the intended result.
Are a convenience and usability wrapper on top of the underlying entity-component system.
Are much cleaner in syntax but are less flexible and composable than using the entity-component system directly.
wraps a single entity (with the geometry.primitive=box) and exposes a few component attributes as HTML attributes. Don't worry about the attributes that seem unfamiliar, we will go over some of them later and point to the comprehensive documentation. A-Frame also has an animation system. Let's try makng the cube rotate indefinitely. The animation system also works with the core system, not just templates.

Developing A-Frame

The hardest thing about developing on A-Frame was feeling out the target audience. Should this be for beginners, for everyone and their grandma, for novices, for seasoned developers? I still don't feel it's been quite resolved. It's a question that has driven a lot of debates with the API design and messaging. One instance of contention was the naming of vs. the former . Or whether or not to hide the entity-component system behind templates and primitives such that A-Frame does not seem too exotic..
Augmented reality


“A-Frame is aimed squarely at the web developer community, the vast majority of whom have been frozen out of WebVR development because they don’t know WebGL, the powerful-but-complex 3D API that WebVR runs on,” Carpenter told me. “A web developer who wants to create a VR site with A-Frame simply drops it into their markup via a single line of HTML, and is ready to go.”.
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